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25-Aug-2022Welcome to MBA66, the largest casino company in Malaysia & Singapore since 2014 with over 200,000 players. Awarded as the company with the fastest and most secure payments.
Increase your winning chance with online casino bonus

Increase your winning chance with online casino bonus


Why nowadays people are changing to online casino from casino or gambling house, it is because online casino offer a lot of bonuses and promotions to their members. When you exchange for chips in casino, you don't get an extra chip or any free chip from them but here in online casino, people are getting free bonus when they made deposit. Naturally your winning chance is higher when you have more chips.

There are thousands of online casino, finding a trusted one is not easy. You might simply choose a random online casino without any research and ended up with disappointments. Always choose the company established more than 5 years.

In this article, we will provide more insights about how to fully utilize the bonus from online casino in order to maximize your winning chance.

Most of the online casino in Malaysia offers welcome bonus for their newly joined members that made initial deposit. This type of bonus usually give highest bonus but comes with a term that required their members to wager certain amount of betting. Although the requirement is slightly high, but is not achievable. Since everything gambling is all about luck, i highly recommend you to try the welcome bonus for the first time of your experience playing online casino.

Although you are required to do high betting turnover for the bonus, is not something that bad actually because you will get another bonus which we called it "rebate". You will get rebate for free credit based on your total wagered bets amount. The more you play, the more free credit you get back from the rebate.

Deposit bonus and rebate is the most common bonus that mostly all sites offer to their members. But here in MBA66, we offer more than just common bonuses. Visit our promotion page and you will find out there are a lot unique promotions compared to other company. 

Our unique bonuses as below,

1. Wheel of fortune

2. Treasure chest

3. Monthly tournament

4. VIP club

5. Referral