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25-Aug-2022Welcome to MBA66, the largest casino company in Malaysia & Singapore since 2014 with over 200,000 players. Awarded as the company with the fastest and most secure payments.
Everything about Roulette

Everything about Roulette


Roulette is the most complicated game in casino but also the most exciting game due to large payout with small betting. It is complicated because it has a lot of different type of bets on the table. Before the ball thrown in the wheel, a player may choose to wager the bet on single numbers from 0-36, different groupings of numbers, whether the winning number is odd or even, red or black color, and low or high.

The roulette's wheel has total of 37 holes with number 0 - 36 on top of it. The winning number is determine by the white ball finally fall to which number's hole. After you placed bets, the dealer will spin the wheel first then spin the ball in opposite direction, until the ball lose the spinning momentum and fall on one hole.

Types of bet with payout

1. Straight Up/Single Bet - place the chip exactly on the center of a number without touching any lines. This type of bet wins the highest payout 35:1.

2. Split Bet - bet on two numbers by placing the chip on the line that divides the two numbers. Second highest payout bet with 17:1.

3. Street Bet - place the chip on the boundary line of the roulette table, at the end of the corresponding row to bet on a row of three numbers. Payout is 11:1 of the bet wagered.

4. Corner Bet - to bet on four numbers, place the chip at the corner where the four numbers meet. Winning this will get 8:1 payout.

5. Four Bet - bet on the numbers 0, 1, 2, and 3 by placing the chip on the boundary line, where the line between 0 and the first row intersects it. Payout same as Corner Bet, 8:1 too.

6. Line Bet - bet on two stree bets (total of six numbers), place the chip on the boundary line of the roulette table where the line dividing the two rows intersects it. Winning payout is 5:1.

7. Column Bet - there are three boxes labeled with "2 to 1" at the bottom of each column of numbers. Bet placed on the box will bet the whole column (total twelve numbers) and with payout of 2:1.

8. Dozen Bet - there are three boxes labeled with "1st 12", "2nd 12", and "3rd 12", each box bet for twelve numbers and the payout is same as Column Bet.

9. Red or Black - there are two boxes with red and black color, bet placed here wins 2:1 payout.

10. Even or Odd - determine by the winning number is even or odd excluding number zero, payout is 2:1.

11. Low or High - low number will be 1-18 or high is 19-36, payout is 2:1 as well.